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    Marketing Assignment代寫|企業可持續發展

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    文章關鍵詞:Case Study代寫

    文章導讀:這是一篇市場營銷專業的case study范文,主要分析了一個企業的可持續發展策略。...
        導讀:這是一篇市場營銷專業的case study范文,主要分析了一個企業的可持續發展策略。
        According to the internal and external environment, our company adjusts and coordinates the goal. Making integration between long-term and short-term is important at the beginning of an undertaking. Now, center on the basic objective of satisfaction profit is a way which aims to seek sustainable development.
       Enterprise objective description
         There are many methods for enterprise objective. First is long-term and short-term. Second is whole and part. Third is marketing, sale, finance, production, human resources and research and development. We focus on finance and marketing. So, we choose build brand and cost reduction. Building brand aims to encourage employees and promote the development of our company. Besides, we will coordinate the employees and keep moving by hands to make sure normal activities efficiently within the company. Finally, occupy the mind of consumer,Making brand famous, making much money as possible, enlarge market to the city of Dalian, and enlarge market to the Nationwide. Maybe In 1 year, we build a brand in Neusoft –students. In 3 years, we occupy domestic market. In 5 years, we extend more product series.
        Target market describe
        The goal for our company is do it from small to large and from local to the nation as a new enterprise with new beverage. Based on the characteristics of consumer, we actually make the potential market into 2 parts. The first part is age which is under 18, between 18- 50 and above 50. The other part is age, consumer psychology and customer behavior.
       Market segments table
         We make our market focus on the second part which we talked in the part of target market describe. Fruit juice, carbonated beverage, dairy drinks, black tea, coffee and so on are our main products. These are suit for young people. Nutrition products are good for men and women who will get vitamin. Promotion is a way to affect the people related to purchasing power. Curiosity is unique in our company which will attract more people to know us.
        Ensure the goal of marketing
        Age has three parts, 18, 18-50 and 50. Consumer psychology pursues value for money which focuses on the price of production. Customer behavior seeks for innovation which means new things with more different styles.
         Strength:our company is an advantage in packing. We try to design more curiosity styles within the company.
        Weakness:less of new products and experience is a big challenge for us. Do more and work together is first step for us.
        Opportunity: drinks are consumable, so we own a large of customers, besides drinks are also necessity goods.
        Threaten: many famous brands and competitors have been popular in the beverage market. Building brand is hard for us to show our products. Although we are facing more challenge than before, we have the confidence and win the war of competition.
        Series, pricing and packing
        Our products have the following series: soda, sports beverage, dairy drinks, juice, tea and coffee, juice will be our main product. In the initial stage, we price the wow at 2-3 yuan. As to the packing, we want to use the Chinese horoscope, because it meets the tradition of Chinese people and arouses the interest of foreigners.
        We have 3 schemes to promote our products. Firstly, you buy a bottle of wow and you will get another one if you are lucky enough. Secondly, we will advertise it on the internet or through the campus advertising. However, from our survey we found out that stars could not attract many of us, so we won’t choose stars spokesman. The last but not least, and even I think it’s the most important is to cooperate with other corporation to improve people’s understanding, awareness and attention of our products.
    The methods of distribution
        The next step is the way of distribution. The methods of distribution are more and more important, especially in the nationwide. It’s not only for the sale, but also for after-sale service and brand promotion. According to the profit model, we choose the retailers of supermarket like War-mart and Carrefour. Then we choose the sales agents as our wholesaler.
        Budgetary resources
        And then through our general calculation, the budgetary resources are below: the labor force will cost us 10,000 yuan, the land of plant will cost us 8,000 yuan, the material cost will be 10,000, the advertisement expenditure will be 12,000 yuan, and the transportation expenditure will be 8,000 yuan.
        The probable problems in the future
        After the general budget calculation, we found that we may not gain the corresponding profit from the sale so that result in we may not have enough money for producing more beverages for customers. So we may get the problem of insufficient funds. Another problem is low purchasing power. That may because that we have strong competitors and also we are the new ones which just entered the market. That also may because our products are lack of attraction so that result in the low purchasing power.
        But I believe our organization will handle it well and won’t let it happen.

    本文關鍵詞:Case Study代寫

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