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    投資學Essay代寫范文:Russian gold investment
        As is known to all, Russia is rich in gold resources, so its gold mining industry develops very rapidly. Moreover, gold is Russia's most important economic material basis. At present, in order to promote the development of national economy, Russia implemented a series of economic reforms, and gold mining is normal economic operation and stable financial order of one of the most important factor. Gold sand deposit project is a simple and "cheap" choice to enter the field of gold investment. The most important characteristic of gold sand deposit project is the low cost, the simple technology, the maturity, the investment return time is short. However, there are also some disadvantages, mainly seasonal restriction and consumption of more mineral materials for the project. As is known to all, most rich and shallow gold ore deposits are no longer available, and the rest are either difficult to develop or low in gold content. At present, advanced technology and mineral processing equipment can be used to reduce mining costs.
        Russia now accounts for about 80 per cent, and more than 90 per cent of the world's gold is mined from underlying sources. The basic source of gold mining is characterized by a considerable rate of capital consumption, relatively complex equipment, multiple stages of manufacturing extraction of gold, and a large amount of construction or open-pit costs. In addition, deposits are usually large enough to require a permit to use underground resources.
        The opening of a gold ore deposit plant is a relatively simple and "cheap" option to enter the gold business. The most important characteristics of processing gold ore deposits are not high main expenses, simple and familiar technology, not long investment return time. However, there are also disadvantages, mainly seasonal work and consumption of mineral materials. It is well known that most of the rich and shallow buried gold deposits have been abandoned, while the rest of the resources are complex to develop or contain low metal content. At the same time, there is now an opportunity to use high performance technology and modern ore dressing equipment to reduce mining costs.
        The country's stable economy now depends on the performance of gold companies, many of which were in crisis in the mid-1990s. Russia has been one of the biggest producers of gold for centuries, producing less than South Africa in 1991. Russia's gold output has fallen in recent years and has been overtaken by China and the United States. Economists blame Russia's lack of investment in gold exploration. Russia, however, is likely to take the lead again. Despite the financial crisis, Russia's gold output in 2010 remained the sixth-biggest. Between 2007 and 2010 Russia's gold output grew by 17.7 per cent. Russian gold production rose 8.2 per cent in 2008 from 2007. 2009 was up 12.0% from 2008, but 2010 was down 3%.
        As is known to all, there are many evaluation criteria for investment projects, such as from the perspective of social significance, environmental impact scope and participation in human resources. However, the most important criterion is the investment project benefit standard, which refers to the comparative relationship between the investment project income economy and the project cost without economic results. In other words, the benefit of investment projects refers to the rationality of the implementation of projects.
        The benefit of the whole project refers to the economic feasibility of the hidden project for the participants to determine the rationality of the investment project. It shows that the ability of the participants determines the rationality of the objective investment project. The benefits of the whole project include social benefits and business benefits. When determining the business benefit of innovation investment project, take economic benefit as current capital. In implementing innovative investment projects, the following activities should be classified: financial activities, business activities and investment activities. Liquidity flows in and out of each activity. Actual capital flow is the difference between cash inflow and cash outflow. When the actual capital flow is positive, the investment project can be regarded as profitable. If the actual amount of money flow is negative at some point in time, the investment project of that period needs to attract additional funds. The index of social benefit refers to the validity of investment projects from the perspective of the society and the reasonable consumption of resources in the implementation of investment projects. The main method to evaluate social benefits is the identification method, and the result of budget appraisal can be organized in different forms: individual or collective appraisal, and the introduction of experts from different range of activities; Surveys of workers and public opinion; a referendum involving different classes or regional interests.
    Gold became the most important material basis of Russia's economy. Reforms are being carried out to improve the state of the economy and market relations are being improved in all areas of activity. Therefore, gold mining is the most important factor, which ensures normal economic development and financial system. Russia has a rich mineral raw material base, so it has successfully developed gold production. The economic development of any country requires not only new investors and investment projects, but also effective use of funds, taking into account the changing market. Therefore, in order to study investment projects, we need to assume project timing, price, sales volume and operation cost.
        In the economic methods and parameters of construction projects, the standard rate of return is listed as the measurement standard of the income level. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze, compare the indicators of various projects, and then select the best projects. According to the form of national support programs. In order for investment projects to be calculated more accurately, many factors must be taken into account, such as the impact of risk on investor projects and the impact on project returns. Generally, risk refers to the possibility of future adverse events. Therefore, in order to obtain reliable data of investment projects, it is necessary to evaluate the impact on project risk in detail.


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