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    Sam mendes's movie
        導讀: 這是一篇英國essay范文,討論了薩姆·門德斯的電影。薩姆·門德斯是著名的英國導演和制作人,其作品大多改編自文學作品,在表現方式上經常借鑒舞臺戲劇里的敘事手法和癲狂形象,讓整部作品或多或少地融入現代戲劇的理念,形成獨立的風格。門德斯的定位與傳統好萊塢導演顯著不同。門德斯要將好萊塢商業大電影的國際化運作模式和舞臺劇式的英倫文化特色完美地融合在一起,并在此基礎上形成特色鮮明的導演個人風格。
        Mendes' rich experience as a stage director has directly influenced the unique style of his films. Mendes mostly adapted from the works of literature, on the way of expression often in the drama stage of narrative and the madness image, let the whole works more or less into the concept of modern drama, form independent style. Mendes' works often focus on the social problems existing in the United States and the ordinary life of Americans, showing strong humanistic care and cultural concerns. Mendes' cross-cultural identity and cross-genre directorial experience make his several representative films have obvious cross-genre/supergenre characteristics.
        As a film director from the British theatrical circle, mendes's positioning is significantly different from that of traditional Hollywood directors. Mendes will Hollywood commercial movies internationalization operation mode and stage of British culture perfectly fuses in together, and on the basis of director form a distinctive personal style. Mendes' works mainly focus on the reflection of reality and use images to convey the criticism of the real social problems. Mendes' films start from either a macroscopic view of the big society, or a microscopic view of everyday life, but ultimately come down to an analysis and irony of the real social or political situation. Mendes is like a wise man who wanders through the world of movies, writing his social responsibilities through panels.
        Mendes' classic American beauty, which won multiple awards at the oscars, reflects three serious problems in American society at the time. One is the rootless American dream. The second is the moribund life of America's middle class. The third is the midlife crisis for American men. In the process of rapid modernization, many social problems stand out, with super cities, behind the modern city flashy, but hidden bitterness, hard in the city's slums and seemingly well-being and live in the suburbs of the middle class, actually facing multiple pressure from career, family and psychological. In the film "American beauty", Lester was a middle-aged man trapped in the crisis, movie titles out of resentment against leicester was expressed his daughter Jenny and exclusion, then laith put words summed up his life, he has heart like dying embers. Lester is a typical been beset by a mid-life crisis of man, his life is going through the worst and most dark phase, nowhere on the career, family relationships are deadlocked, long revered outlook for the center with material to Lester had lost any belief, his spiritual emptiness.
        Lester was devastated by his wife's growing contempt for him, his daughter's growing rebellious streak, and his lover, Angela,'s constant sexual allure. He began to try to change this hopeless and lifeless life, ready to regain his dignity and manhood. Finally, when Lester came across his wife, Caroline, having an affair with someone, his masculinity was awakened. And Jenny's friend raj also faces a disorderly failure home, raj's father like Lester, is also a loser in midlife crisis, he was a commander of the navy, due to the nature of militant thought many arms possession of him. He has always been ashamed of his homosexual orientation and has been trying to hide it, leading to more and more mental deformities and even disciplining raj in a violent way. There was an insurmountable gap between the two generations, and the two families were teetering. Eventually, Jenny and raj chose to travel far away from their shameful father. The end of the film, Lester knew the raj father is gay, raj father killed Lester, to cover up the fact that a bullet put an end to the failure of leicester's life and his desire for material and fantasy. The symbol of white plastic bag appears repeatedly in the film, it is pale and waving, symbolizing the empty and helpless life.
    In the film "revolutionary road" frank and love & life is like water, under extremely heavy, frank lost, extreme discontent of his life, he can't even have a rational cognition about themselves. Frank and April are determined to change the monotony of life, and they are ready to embark on a journey to Europe to find their dreams and passions.
        And when they are ready to go, happened, frank's career has suddenly changed, in the face of valuable promotions, frank could not bear to give up, he decided to give up temporarily and love & poor's trip to Europe. Since then, the couple have been unable to reach a consensus on whether to keep their children in the face of intense life pressure and pregnancy. He didn't know what to do. Eventually, he suffered a massive hemorrhage and lost his young life from an abortion in his apartment. The film ends with frank running wildly, and their European dream journey has become a laughingstock. Dreams were shattered, reality hit, and frank's life suffered an unprecedented disaster. Frank's struggle ended in failure, and for many more people who did not have the courage to struggle, frank's experience was like a small interlude. Everything was calm again. The revolutionary road reflects the difficulties of trying to change the dreary and depressing lives of frank and April.
        The movie "the road to perdition" is by Tom Hanks and Paul Newman jointly interpret a thriller. The film is set in the United States in the 1930s, a time when murderers, weapons and fire were rampant and bloody. The whole society is in violence and chaos, with no order or law to speak of, and conflicts of interest erupt everywhere. The so-called person, no longer has the warmth, but becomes the pursuit of interest or revenge weapons. Flashback is the main way of narration in the whole film. The beginning of the film is the protagonist's memory of the past. Sullivan had a happy family. He had two sons, Peter and mike. They thought his father was a brave hero. In fact, Sullivan was a professional killer. Mike wanted to see his father at work, so he followed Sullivan secretly. To his surprise, he saw his killing and the family was no longer calm. The gang killed mike's mother and brother for fear of being exposed, and mike followed his father on a path of revenge. In the end, Sullivan and his son, mike, successfully avenged their families and lost their lives. At the end of the film, when asked whether Sullivan was a good person or a bad person, mike said frankly that he was my father. Film, for what is good is bad, Sullivan mendes did not give an official evaluation, he once was a murderous killer, but he does are also the victims of the dark society. We cannot judge Sullivan and mike's revenge by simple good and evil.
        Also in the flashback is mendes' other work, the lid of the pot. The film tells the story of Marine swofford, whose parents were married in battle, married and had children at the end of the war, and swofford died. Swofford grew up to be a soldier and joined the marines. The United States was fighting the gulf war, and soldiers were sent to the desert under the direction of American politics. The soldiers on the battlefield in the desert has carried on the discussion to the war, the silence of the desert and the fighting was to let them more and to see the truth behind the war, but the official pressure, they dare not to speak of, can only repeat those who go against.
        Film "jarhead" tell us, when a country on the maintenance rule and the expansion of ecstasy, the country will become a political tool, they will be on a trivial state machine parts, running cold and numb, no feelings between people, there is no soul beliefs, only bizarre morbid. "Jarhead" truly recalled the status of the war, but mendez focus too much on the realism of the film, the plot is too slow, does not comply with the Americans' viewing habits, so the films "jarhead" box office condition is not ideal. Unlike some of his previous works, mendes' other work, moving for the son, is a light-hearted road comedy. In a joyous atmosphere, the film reflects many chronic diseases in American society by telling a story that is neither ironic nor ironic. The film tells the story of a couple who had children long after they were married. When verona was six months pregnant, Bennett's older brother, Flanders, had to leave Colorado, where he had been living, meaning the couple would not live there. The bents decided to leave before the baby was born and find a comfortable place for them. They started through the better part of a move for the child in the United States tour, they walked through places such as phoenix, Montreal and Tucson, to many relatives and friends and a lot of warm stories along the way. Bent couple this journey as a miniature of American society, they had experienced the contradiction of gays and lesbians, thought about the social value of family established, see the alternative way of life, many people also saw a lot of people life lonely, no children. These social problems surrounding ordinary People's Daily lives are amplified by the film. After laughing all the way, we see mendes' concern about social problems. Eventually, bent couple went back to his childhood home, they suddenly realized that this is you really want to find comfort zone, for the film show drew a satisfactory full stop humanistic care.
        Sam mendes was born in the UK, used to be a great stage director, compared with the traditional Hollywood blockbuster director, his position is somewhat different. Mendes is a highly personal film director who can integrate the operation mode of Hollywood blockbusters with the British stage play culture. To some extent, mendes across the United States and Britain two kinds of culture background and the experience of the stage director of his later development advantages, mendes several classics contain across/super type characteristics.
        Hollywood film successful business model as the carrier of American culture outflow, Hollywood films popular type practices, complicated film type enriched the international film market, at the same time more and forming type structure also imprisoned the innovation of Hollywood movies. How to get rid of the inertia of genre films and create films with more distinctive styles and styles has gradually become a problem faced by the Hollywood film industry. In this regard, mendes was an early adopter, and many of his works broke the genre conventions and formed their own original style.
        In typed commercial film, in order to fit the audience viewing, consider the box office, most of the happy ending, any problems and crisis will get lifted, although it is not possible in real life. Mendes, by contrast, the film most ended in tragedy, the protagonist or to die, or to dream, or to escape from the crisis to end, mapping in the film, the problems and crisis will not be lifted, without relying on imagination to create solutions that mendes has more realistic spirit. Mendes' works break the structural conventions of genre films, integrate the scene and context of stage plays, and show the cross-genre/supergenre characteristics.
        Mendes transcends the way Hollywood movies are presented. He is adept at using the fragments of everyday life to set the atmosphere and master the colors of the pictures. After careful consideration of the dialogue, the film is full of American style and British characteristics. Film "American beauty" repeated use the red rose petals, imagery, such as white plastic bags with petals the significance of the sexual consciousness and sexual desire, the hero with moral of the plastic bags circumstances of individual life. Lester's fantastical image of his lover, Angela, surrounded by rose petals became a classic for a while, and once fell into the trend of imitation. "American beauty" is not only the picture taken very delicate, lines design is also very deep, at leicester questioned his wife Caroline's materialistic, he will be sofa metaphor for life, irony, Caroline will matter more than her life heavier, such dialogue a lot more than the most elegant emotional appeal. Lester family dining picture is artistic processing, in the melodious music, quiet and easy and comfortable town scenery flashing picture many times, everything looks elegant and soothing, such a scenario is increasingly highlights the real life of leicester's disastrous, tore open the false look respectable middle-class life. The ending of the story was shattered, the children ran away, and Lester was killed by reggie's father, ending his numbing life. Such a cruel ending is beyond the conventions of Hollywood genre films. The end of the film revolutionary road was equally tragic, with April bleeding to death and her once imagined trip to Europe shattered. It was too cruel for frank, who was still alive, to lose his wife, to lose his dreams, to return to a life as dull as a machine, for the rest of his life. Mendes arrangements for the ending may seem cold and cruel, he is, in effect, with a sad ending to cause the audience think, urging people to confront the real problems in dilemma of modernity rather than relying on imagination to seek personal comfort.
        The film "road to destruction" maintains the usual depressing tone of gangster thrillers. The repression of color makes us feel like we are in the dark American society in the 1930s. Strictly speaking, "the road to perdition" should belong to the robber types, but it is not the robber in the stylized images, not the fast pace of urban, cars and violence to piece together the robber usual style. Mendes portrayed Sullivan, a professional assassin, as a flesh-and-blood, three-dimensional figure, a complex individual who could not be simply defined by good and evil. At the end of the story, Sullivan avenged himself and died, but passed on an extraordinary value concept to his son mike.
        Analyzing several of mendes' representative works, we rediscovered this socially responsible director with British ancestry and a Hollywood perspective. Mendes' works, starting from the narration of daily life, deeply express his concern about the problems of modern society. He dared to break the conventions of Hollywood genre films, with a unique tragic ending painful to the reality of the worry.


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