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    代寫商科Essay|The enterprise diversification management

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      A diversified enterprise is one that puts multiple industries and products into one enterprise or enterprise group.Within this enterprise or group,it can make full use of its technological advantages,market advantages,management advantages and other resource advantages,rationally allocate resources and improve the utilization efficiency of resources.
      Diversified management can also realize the establishment of enterprise internal capital market.And the external non-deterministic transaction contract becomes the internal contract.
      Diversified management,the enterprise will be scattered resources to different product or industry,to avoid the business scope of a single cause enterprises to rely too much on a particular market volatility generating weaknesses,make the enterprise in a certain product or business in the field of setbacks,through the success of the operation of the other products or industries make up the loss,so as to improve the ability to resist risks of enterprises,and to minimize the risk of loss.
      The excessive pursuit of diversification by some enterprises is not to disperse risks,but to expand risks.If diversification can be conducted within limits,it will not only reduce the pressure of fund raising and allocation,but also increase the joint action,improve the success rate and make the enterprise group stable and sustainable development.
      This is particularly obvious when an enterprise implements a diversified business strategy without association.Therefore,the wrong decision will not only make it difficult to establish more pillar industries,but also add a lot of burden to the original pillar industries.Generally speaking,each industry has different level of development potential,but has appeared stage of oversupply to varying degrees.Faced with this reality,the excessive pursuit of diversification will not only reduce the ability of the enterprise to diversify risks,but also increase the price paid for it,thus leading to the decline of the group's return on assets.
      This is because this action will rapidly increase the number of branches of the enterprise,which will greatly increase the difficulty of enterprise management.As a result,the management quality of the headquarters of the enterprise group will decline due to the heavy management load,which often makes the non-related enterprises unable to achieve economies of scale after mergers.
      In the history of business,the development strategy of the enterprise has a process of professionalization--diversification--returning to specialization.
      The specialization and diversification strategies are applicable to different situations.The basic point of specialization is to aggregate the resource advantages of enterprise groups into a specific industry or product area.The aggregation of resources means the concentration of enterprise groups'advantages in a specific market,which can bring the scale economy into full play and seek for the leading position in a specific market,which can also greatly reduce the risk coefficient.Because of this,when the enterprise is in the initial stage of insufficient resources,or the field in which the potential is huge,the company has room for improvement,or the fierce competition in the industry lacks core advantages,the company should adopt professional strategies.Diversification is a kind of growth or expansion behavior adopted by an enterprise to adapt to the changes of external environment and seek for long-term development when it has reached a certain stage of development.A successful diversified operation can overcome the limitations of the original product or service demand scale and operation scale,so as to give full play and use to the enterprise's talents,talents,wealth and material resources,and avoid idle and waste of resources.Second,it can adapt to the change of external environment and market demand,grasp new market opportunities,and seek the growth and development of enterprises.Third,to diversify the risk of investment by developing new products,markets or entering new industries;the fourth is to enter into new business areas to achieve the strategic transfer of enterprises.When enterprises develop to a certain stage,diversification becomes the first choice of many enterprises.What we need to think seriously is the"trap"of time and content diversity.
      Core competence is the enterprise with unique,consumers can bring special utility,make the enterprise long-term competitive advantage in a market ability of internal resources,is the corporation competitive advantage and distinguish it from the competition of knowledge,is the company's establishment and development in the process of development of a system of knowledge and complementary assets is the foundation of company competition ability.
      It is the related diversification of the enterprise around the core competence.For example,Canon has successfully entered more than 20 market areas such as photocopier,laser printer,camera,imaging scanner and fax machine with its core capabilities in optical lens,imaging technology and micro-weight control technology,and has achieved a certain market position.
      It is the potential and level of enterprise development,the comprehensive embodiment of existing business strength and the ability to effectively deal with multiple industry activities of different nature.Otherwise,it will not only fail to gain a dominant position in the new field,but also make the original business field affected and directly threaten the survival of the enterprise.
      First of all,core competence is the key way for an enterprise to strengthen its adaptability to the external environment under the condition of knowledge economy.It not only guarantees the stability of enterprise diversification,but also can enhance the flexibility of enterprise operation by adjusting its external factors.Secondly,core competence can effectively reduce the risk of diversified business.In the process of developing new products and new markets,the combination of old and new organizational resources will produce a synergistic ability to resist market risks.Therefore,enterprises carrying out diversified business must rely on core competence,and continuously provide customers with competitive products through vertical improvement or horizontal expansion of core competence,strengthen development advantages in new and old fields,overcome risks,and achieve the balance between risks and benefits.
      The core capability of an enterprise is hierarchical and phased,which requires continuous development.Therefore,the relationship between diversification and the development of core competence is actually a dialectical and unified relationship.On the other hand,successful diversity strengthens core competencies.To be specific,it is mainly realized through two ways:one is to improve the level of core competence through the application of existing core competence in new industries;The second is to acquire new core capabilities from new industries and integrate existing and new ones into a whole to improve core capabilities.
      There must be some supporting conditions to realize the virtuous circle between core competence and diversification.It mainly includes an aggressive corporate culture,a united and lean learning organization,and a high-quality staff team.Only in this way can the core competence and the business field form a multi-level circular growth.
      How to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages and turn disadvantages into advantages is the concern of every enterprise carrying out diversification strategy.Therefore,it requires enterprises to constantly track the market of their own industry and related industries,invest development trend,and measure whether the internal and external conditions of enterprise diversification are mature.
      External conditions mainly refer to the contradiction between supply and demand and the degree of market competition.If the competition within the industry is not too intense,such industry and products should be entered in time to seize the market opportunity.At the beginning of reform and opening up,because of the good external environment of diversified operation.For example,it was a time of shortage economy.The core of enterprise production and operation is to expand the scale and improve the ability,the market competition system has not been established truly,the competition in most industries is weak,and the industry barriers have not been formed,which provide opportunities for new members or new products to enter.Therefore,in this particular external environment,the success of diversification of the enterprise natural and logical.For today's enterprises,the external environment has undergone tremendous changes.If an enterprise ignores the changes in the environment and just wants to be diversified,it will not achieve the goal,but will bring more risks to the enterprise.
      Any product has to go through four stages:input stage,growth stage,maturity stage and decline stage.In different stages of the industry or product cycle,the difficulty level of enterprise operation is different,and the strategy adopted by the enterprise should also be selected.As long as there is still a profitable growth opportunities within existing industry investment,which has not yet entered the mature industry life cycle and the recession,or by finding new users,opening up new USES,increase product usage and expand the promotions have to expand the market opportunity,is likely to increase market share,there is no need to rush to pursue to diversify.On the contrary,if the growth potential of the industry in which the enterprise is located is not large,the enterprise's position in the industry is quite stable,and sufficient internal resources have been accumulated,then the diversification problem should be considered to find new business growth points and determine the future development direction of the enterprise.
      A diversified enterprise must have core competitiveness.This should be an important condition for a diversified enterprise.How to evaluate whether an enterprise has core competence mainly depends on three aspects.Second,core management ability;Third,there are core values.As long as an enterprise or enterprise group has the capacity of these three aspects,it will prove that it has its own core competitiveness in the industry,which provides a strategic foundation for the enterprise to implement the diversification strategy.
      First,the asset-liability ratio of enterprises is low,and the risk of diversification is relatively high.Second,the current ratio of enterprise assets is high.The high current ratio indicates that the enterprise can invest more assets,so the enterprise with low current ratio cannot diversify its business unless it carries out asset replacement to improve the current ratio.Thirdly,the cash flow of the existing industry and product portfolio is relatively large,or the profit is relatively stable.Fourthly,there is a relatively stable source of financing.Diversified operation is a strategic choice that requires a large amount of funds.Therefore,enterprises must also have a relatively stable source of funds.
      One is that business leaders are adept at navigating the existing leading industries.Second,business leaders have the ability to adapt to new industries.Only the entrepreneurs with the above conditions can lead the enterprise to achieve the success of diversification strategy.
      First,I have mastered the basic knowledge,experience and operational skills related to the industry.The second is to know the latest information related to this industry.Thirdly,I made social relations related to this industry.The fourth is to investigate and hire managers and business backbone who operate this industry.Fifth,the completion of new industries and products into the full evaluation and planning.
      This provides a quantitative timing analysis.In other words,when the expected return of diversified operations is greater than that of non-diversified operations,diversified operations can be implemented.
      On the road of enterprise development and growth,risk is inevitable.If an enterprise wants to have greater development and take the road of diversification,it may be an inevitable choice.Diversity has its advantages and disadvantages.It and enterprise specialization are two directions of enterprise development,which one should be chosen according to the conditions of the enterprise itself.In the process of diversification,enterprises should pay attention to the development of core competence.The choice of diversification strategy should also be cautious.We should make the right choice according to our own reality and avoid all kinds of dangers on the road of diversification.


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